Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reinvent Your Precious Things

When things are precious we tend not to want to change them.
One idea is to take all your precious pieces of jewelry
and to re design one special piece, incorporating
your ideas with your available metals and stones.

Mail dee with your ideas now:

Below is an example of someones re-designed
wedding/engagement ring with a gift from her Gran, now a new ring.

Photos by: Adrian Shields -

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unique Name Plates

Personalise your name plate with your
birthstone, a small diamond or some engraving.

Find the chain that suits you and create an awesome piece of
designer jewelry for yourself or loved one.

Perfect for little ones too.

These name plates in silver are pretty, unique and lasting.

Photos by: Adrian Shields -

Silver Jewelry is Your Thing

If silver is your thing, come to Dee with your designs,
there is no limit to what can be done with
some time and imagination.

Create something different and unique with Dee
Chat to her:

Photos by: Adrian Shields -

Flower Power in Silver

A new design by Dee
Personalise your ring with your favourite semi precious stone
Order now:

Photos by: Adrian Shields -

Heart Bracelets

An original design by Dee
Carry your loved ones on your wrist with this beautiful bracelet.

The samples seen here have beautifully hand made
chain links that hold each name together.

Order @

Photos by: Adrian Shields -

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding & Engagement Jewelry

Photos by: Adrian Shields -

Engagement & Wedding Jewelry is so personal,
sometimes you just cant find what you looking for.

Best thing to do is google until you find what you want and then
sit down with a designer who really cares about your
personality and style.

You can have your dream ring, just be open minded
... and patient.

David Rees

Tribute Hearts in Silver

An original and handmade design by Durban's Dee de Klerk.

Tribute hearts encapsulate the names of your special ones in silver, these hearts are complimented with a chain that suits your style.

Hint: Perfect as a maternity gift or for a Mom.

Order Period: ±2 Weeks
Cost: POR
Each heart has to be uniquely designed and quoted for.
Order now:

Photos by: Adrian Shields -